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Free Mother’s Day Greeting Card Tutorial

Free Mother’s Day Greeting Card Tutorial


Free Mother’s Day Greeting Card Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today we would like to share with you some great Mother’s Day stock images that can be applied as a special visual touch to print and digital cards, invitations, thank you letters, and many more.

But first off, let us introduce you to the amazing graphic resource that these images came from. GraphicStock is a huge database of digital graphics that carries just about everything, including textures, wallpaper, detailed images, and stock images. It is a fantastic source of inspiration and graphics for any designer.

To download any of the graphics from this post, you will have to sign up for a 7 Day FREE Trial, where you can download up to 20 images a day. If you don’t want to continue on to the premium membership where you’ll access to unlimited downloads of icons, textures, wallpapers and editable vectors.

Or you can buy an subscription for just $99/year – it is so worth it if you are going to use it more than a few times. Graphics from any other site would cost you about $10-15 per image and their licensing rules may not be flexible.

Now onto the good stuff! The graphics from this collection can be downloaded from the corresponding number links below.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A lot of the graphics are great on their own for making a simple, but elegant, card, whether it be digital or print. In this post we’ll show you how to digitally customize a graphic so you can add it to a card. We will be using the free online image editor Pixlr in this tutorial.

Create a new image in Pixlr. This will be your canvas and you can make it any size you want (mine is at the default 800 x 600 pixels). Creating a new image is good for when you need a place to drop separated images or have to combine graphics from different files.


We’ll be fitting a photograph inside this heart that we extracted from one of the GraphicStock images, like a custom heart-shaped frame. So next, open up one of your saved graphics in Pixlr and the photo that you would like to use. Copy both of those images into the blank canvas that you created at the beginning.

Happy mother and daughter


Next, you need to adjust the image so that the parts you want will fit into the frame. These next steps will require the Move tool (V) and Transform tool (Ctrl + T). Here’s a nice tip: ‘Toggle layer settings’ at the bottom left of the ‘Layers’ box and lower the opacity of the frame (the heart vector in this case) to about 50% so that you can see just about where the image will go.


Next, while the photo image is selected in the ‘Layers’ box, hold CTRL and left-click the image on the left side of the frame layer to select the frame. Go to Edit > Insert selection in order to inverse the selection. Then hit ‘DELETE’ and now the photo should be the same shape that the selection was.


Lastly, we will be moving the heart layer underneath the photo one and making the heart bigger so that it creates a heart-shaped frame.

And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed that quick tutorial and if you want to try out any of these awesome graphics that GraphicStock has to offer, don’t forget about their 7 Day FREE Trial. That’s up to 20 images a day for an entire week!

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