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License Agreement

FreeStockGraphics.com Royalty Free License Agreement


Welcome to our new and improved license! We’re adding benefits and clarifying certain terms that pertain to members like you. For example, our licenses now apply to all three of our websites (VideoBlocks, GraphicStock, and AudioBlocks), bringing consistency to our family of products. We also defined what a “seat” means—it describes a person, not a company. Here is a summary of the other updates to our licensing terms:

No more derivative work requirement

Members no longer need to make substantive changes to our content in order to reproduce it. Every item in our Membership Library and Contributor Marketplace can be shared in its original form, with only minimal restrictions. See the full license for details.

Increased indemnification

We’ve got you covered—we now offer up to $20,000 in coverage under our Standard license versus a previous $1,000. This puts us ahead of the industry standard for indemnification.

Print run and merchandise distribution (Contributor Marketplace only)

Because Marketplace content is owned by third-party artists who sell directly through our website, the terms are slightly different from content in our Membership Library.

For clips purchased from the Marketplace, members on our Standard License are now able to produce up to 100K print copies and merchandise items in physical form, such as posters and t-shirts. This is significantly above the industry standard. Membership Library content has unlimited print distribution under all licenses.

TV/Video/Other distribution (Contributor Marketplace only)

Marketplace content may be used under the Standard License by any production with a budget up to $20,000. Again, this applies to Marketplace content only—Membership Library content has unlimited TV/Video/Other distribution under all licenses.

Digital distribution

Unlimited! No matter your membership level, your subscription includes limitless digital distribution rights, such as publishing to YouTube and blog platforms. This is true for both Membership Library and Contributor Marketplace content. On top of that, every creative asset you download from the Membership Library or purchase from the Marketplace is yours to keep and use forever.

Introducing Enterprise

If you want greater distribution options on Contributor Marketplace content, we have good news! We’re now offering an Enterprise product that includes unlimited print run and merchandise distribution, in addition to all the benefits of a standard membership. With Enterprise, your company receives multiple user seats, has no budget restrictions for TV/Video/Other use, and can get up to $1,000,000 in indemnification. Request a demo to learn more.

Want more information on our updated terms? You can download the full Standard License here, or send us an email at support@videoblocks.com and we’ll happily answer your questions.

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